To integrate an Arduino microcontroller in a working prototype of a product that assist during the lockdown period. 

The concept of Aroamer explores an unconventional yet effective way of long-distance communication through the medium of scent. Our olfactory sense is able to retrieve memories more effectively than any other sense, and can evoke the presence of a loved one more powerfully than looking at a photograph ie. smelling a worn T-shirt or a known person's perfume. 

While video calls, audio calls and text messages were the principal means of keeping in touch during lockdown, Aroamer aimed to ease the excessive screen time spent in quarantine and sought to design for the asynchronous lifestyles which possess differences in availability and willingness to engage in electronic communication. I saw this particularly with my own family - an aunty overseas with much time on her hands complains that I do not call her enough, but my schedule, the language, and time difference makes me hesitant to pick up the phone. And yet, I often think of her, and would love to let her know in the moment.


Aroamer is a device owned by the "Receiver" and houses four different spray bottles, each filled with a loved one's signature perfume. A singular perfume bottle is connected to an app accessible by the "Sender", and the spray is released when the Sender initiates communication with the Receiver. The result is an "aroma message", a subtle, surprising presence of the Sender, roaming the space for a brief moment before gradually dissipating; all the while eliciting vivid thoughts, memories and images associated with the loved one reaching out. 

Aroma messages are sent to the receiver via an app accessed on a mobile device. The app interface is illustrated and explained above. 
Recipient of aroma message and owner of Aroamer device. Up to 4 senders can be connected to Aroamer device. 
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