Pop 'round: One person's junk is another person's chair (2023)

RAIDEN record rack and IOANNA chair was showcased in the Pop 'round exhibition as part of Melbourne Design Week 2023. The exhibition addressed materiality and transparency while challenging the conventional furniture exhibition experience.

With the exception of some necessary hardware, fasteners and small mechanisms, all Pop ‘round furniture was constructed from used materials rescued from junkyards, factory bins, nature strips, online second-hand marketplaces and more. Like guests visiting our home, the audience was invited to interact with our furniture, test their functions and use them when engaging with other visitors. The brief advised that the furniture meet a high-end, premium standard in hope of changing the audience’s view of waste from “disposal” to “desirable”. The making process and material sourcing was also showcased in order to educate, inspire and to reach complete transparency with the audience.

RAIDEN at Dark Horse Experiment Gallery, Melbourne.
IOANNA at Dark Horse Experiment Gallery, Melbourne.
Pop 'round collective: Carl Broesen, Angharad Summers & Maryam Moghadam
Opening night photography by Rene Moghadam
Morning Coffee photography by Rene & Maryam Moghadam
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